Golf clubs are part and parcel of the golfer’s arsenal. You will need a variety of clubs to hit the ball in a range of settings. The club varies in different ways such as size of the head, length of shaft and angle of club head. You are free to choose your preferred club but the rules of golf stipulate that you should not carry more than 14 clubs during a match. The clubs have numbers and the lower numbers are meant for hitting the ball for a longer distance as compared to the higher-numbered clubs.


The wood clubs are usually designed for the farthest distance. When used well, they can propel for a distance of 200 to 350 yards. The name of the club is derived from the fact that at one point in time, it had a head that was made of wood like persimmon. However, today woods are made of metal such as alloy, titanium and steel. Wood has a larger, rounded head and a flat boot that makes it possible to ground the shot’s course. It has a big clubface.


Majority of golf clubs are made of iron. Most of them contain numbers at the bottom with a few of them having letters. The club heads of irons are made of metal and they are suitable for use by a golfer when the ball is less than 200 yards from the green. Their numbers range from 1 to 9. Irons have a higher loft degree as compared to woods and the 9-iron has the most. On the other hand, 1-,2- and 3- are referred to as long irons and have little loft. This means that they are able to send the golf ball to the farthest.


The role of the wedges is to hit the ball with the aim of making it to fly into the air before it falls onto the putting surface. Wedges are usually much higher lofted as compared to the others. For instance, a pitching wedge’s loft is between 46 and 51 degrees while the lob of the lob wedge can get to 64 degrees. The pitching wedge is preferred by golfers for shots that are as far as 130 yards to the green while the sand wedge is used to escape from very tall grass and bunkers.


This is the most commonly used club. It is used to push the ball towards the hole along the green. These are available in different sizes but the standard one is between 34 and 35 inches tall.