Unlike what you may have watched in movies, using a shotgun to shoot requires technique, practice and balance. Even if you are experienced in using rifles, using handguns to shoot requires a different set of skills. You need to learn on trigger control, breathing and proper body control

Handle a gun safelytune-up-your-gun-handling-dangle

When handling the gun, you should always keep it pointed downwards. You will also need to wear protective gears. Earphones will help protect you from the sound while goggles can protect your eyes from flying objects.

Holding the gun properlyRight grip

Use your dominant hand to hold the weapon and expose the webbing between the thumb and the index fingers. Take the pistol into your hand and insert the handle (grip) into your dominant hand’s web. The thumb should be one side of the grip while the middle, pinky and ring fingers should be curled securely on the other side. Use your other hand to steady the gun. Ensure that both thumbs stay clear of the hammer or slide. After the gun is fired, the mechanism pops backward sharply and can injure any wayward finger. The slide can ‘bite’ you and this is not only painful but can be dangerous as you may end up dropping the weapon.

Proper firing stanceisosceles-stance

Ensure that your feet are shoulder-width apart and the foot should be on the side of the dominant hand. With the knees bent, lean forward slightly and ensure that you have a proper balance. Ensure that both the front and rear sight are aligned. You can look using the dominant eye while closing the other eye. A common challenge when shooting is on where to focus your sight. Focus on the front post.

Fix gun on target


While maintaining focus on the front sight, bring your gun to bear on your target. You can now put the trigger finger into trigger guard. After you feel that you can aim, steady the weapon and develop a good sight 61156-1024x768picture, you can load your gun in readiness to shoot. Ensure that the safety is on when loading the gun and remove it when ready to fire and the gun is pointed towards the target.