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The Premiere Golf and Shooting Club

Millcreek Golf and Shooting provides first class facilities for Golf, Rifle & Pistol Shooting and full sized pool. Golf is a precision club and ball sport in which competing players (or golfers) use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course using as few strokes as possible. Golf is defined, in the rules of golf, as “playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the Rules.” Shooting is a competitive sport involving tests of proficiency (accuracy and speed) using various types of guns such as firearms and airguns (see archery for more information on shooting sports that make use of bows and arrows).

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Get down to business in our premium shooting facilities. Bring your own firearms and gear or use ours, it’s up to you.

If you need to buy shooting gear before you come, check out www.buyusedguns.com.au.


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Hone your skills on our custom built driving range and course. We have a full range of rental gear and high end pro shop.

Check out www.3balls.com for your gear for the day.